Wait, are Carson Wentz and Prince Harry the same guy?

Philadelphia Eagles

After a win on Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz talked about the game. Or was it someone else?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Prince Harry of Wales both had pretty good days on Sunday. Wentz led his team to their 10th win of the season, while Harry re-entered the headlines by officially getting engaged to American actress Meghan Markle.

Wentz, of course, spoke after a win over the Chicago Bears, with the stock quotes about working hard and getting better every day. One of the favorites for NFL MVP with 12 weeks nearly in the books has a good thing going right now, particularly professionally. But we know very little about his personal life, at least in terms of a significant other and what the status of that relationship might be.

On that note, the Eagles’ social media team has offered some possible insight into Wentz’s life off the field. And the possibilities seem as realistic as they are endless.

The resemblance between Wentz and Prince Harry is rather uncanny, so much so that it’s unclear if they are even two different men. One of Wentz’s teammates, wide receiver Torrey Smith, is doing his part to fuel some of the fire.

An NFL quarterback and a prince? Who would have time for all that both roles demand? A top-five overall pick in his draft, and an MVP candidate this year, now engaged to a beautiful woman? The latter part is not at all far-fetched, but the former two questions need to be answered. Are Wentz and Prince Harry brothers, probably (and obviously?) separated at birth? Or are they just the same guy, since he surely has the financial means to travel back and forth quickly if need be?

Times are good for the Eagles right now, on the verge of clinching the NFC East and with home field advantage throughout the playoffs on the table. So why not wonder what their quarterback does off the field, humorously or otherwise, and the possibility he is an heir to the English throne?

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