Jaguars fans, Seahawks fight at end of game (Video)

Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks

No, things did not go very well once the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Bottles were thrown and people were getting in fights.

Though the Jacksonville Jaguars improved to 9-4 after their win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon, their fans just couldn’t enjoy the victory, now could they. Instead, we had bottles flying out of the EverBank Field stands in the direction of Seahawks players.

Seahawks defensive end Quinton Jefferson took exception to this beverage tossing in his direction and just about climbed into the EverBank Field stands to fight some Jaguars fans. In short, we almost got the NFL version of the Malice in the Palace.

You would have thought that something really bad happened during the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Perhaps either the Florida Gators or the Georgia Bulldogs did something dumb to set EverBank Field off like this. Nope, turns out the change of guard in the NFL’s best secondary from the Pacific Northwest to North Florida was not a smooth defensive back inauguration.

Could you imagine if these two defensive-minded teams met in the playoffs? Well, it could happen…in Super Bowl LII. It would be essentially an ultra-rowdy version of a 1980s basement gig by The Replacements. Can’t Hardly Wait, now can you.

Though the Seahawks put up a fight in the fourth quarter, it was Jacksonville and their fans that were victorious. Obviously, frustrations boiled over for Jefferson. I mean, who throws a shoe bottle, honestly? Fired up Jaguars fans apparently, do. They’ve got some celebrating to do.

Jacksonville will finish the season above .500 for the first time since the second Bush Administration, the one whose brother was the Governor of Florida at one point in time. No, this incident is not a good look for the NFL, but there has been a lot of PR disasters to go around in recent weeks, so why join the party, Jacksonville?

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