Jacksonville Jaguars promise to find, ban fans who threw stuff on field

Jacksonville Jaguars

In one of the premiere cases of “two wrongs don’t make a right” in recent NFL memory, the Jacksonville Jaguars are holding their fans accountable for what happened on Sunday.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans should all be celebrating a huge win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The team’s 30-24 victory over MVP candidate Russell Wilson and the ‘Hawks cemented the idea that the Jags are for real, capable of scoring points to go with their “Sacksonville” defense.

Instead, they’re dealing with the fallout from an incident late in the game stemming from anger at the Seahawks’ actions when the Jags were in victory formation. Both Michael Bennett and Quinton Jefferson attempted to cause a fumble using questionable tactics, leading to penalties and an ejection.

On top of that, Jefferson was seen arguing with fans and attempting to climb into the stands on his way off the field. While that’s an absolute no-no for a pro athlete, several Jaguars fans exacerbated the situation by throwing things or spilling drinks on Jefferson.

The team isn’t standing for that type of behavior, releasing a statement today outlining exactly what it plans to do about it.

Every pro sports team worth its salt has a written policy similar to the one cited by the Jaguars, so this is no big shock. Still, it’s great to see that Jacksonville is taking it seriously, as several fans made an already heated situation that much worse.

With a 9-4 record and a playoff berth seemingly right around the corner for the Jaguars after a long period of being a laughingstock, it’s time for them to concentrate only on the good things happening to the franchise. Finding and banning the fans involved in Sunday’s scene should clear the way for that.

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