Eli Apple fined for tweeting during Giants game on Sunday

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Eli Apple was fined by the New York Giants for tweeting on the sidelines Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

New York Giants cornerback was fined by the organization for sending a tweet on the sideline this past Sunday. Apple stated that he understood the rule of no tweeting during the games. He simply chose to not comply, which Apple stated was a mistake on his end, according to ESPN.

The violation didn’t help the cause for the Giants, who lost to the Cowboys 30-10 and sunk their record to 2-11.

“I wasn’t confused. It was just a mistake by me,” Apple said Thursday. He wouldn’t specify what the repercussions were for his infraction, and he hopes to play this weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Everybody has to pay for any mistake they make,” said Apple, who would only say the matter was handled in-house. Even though Apple broke a league rule, the NFL and individual teams don’t both fine players for the same violation.

Apple currently has been inactive the past four weeks with hip and back injuries. He has expressed his intent to play this week against the Philadelphia Eagles. Because he’s also been a healthy scratch, fellow Giants defensive back Landon Collins has assumed that some of Apple’s issues could just be a mental thing.

“We have to go to practice with him and we need him to be here. We need him to want to be here and not fighting against us or fighting against the coaches. Because if he’s fighting against the coaches or the organization or whatever he’s fighting against in his head, we don’t need him fighting us because that causes conflict.”

Apple’s struggles should be alarming. The Giants have shown they have high hopes for their first-round draft pick of 2016.  It’s just that Apple must show he has high hopes for himself.

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