Cam Newton upset Jerry Richardson is selling the Panthers

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers will be up for sale following this season. The team’s star quarterback does not seem happy about it.

Coming off a four-touchdown performance, Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton should be anything but upset. However, that is his feeling following news of the Panthers being up for sale.

Jerry Richardson owns the Panthers and has since the league welcomed the franchise into the fold in 1995. However, after the 2017-18 season Richardson will put the Panthers up for sale.

This action is being taken due to ongoing investigations into Richardson’s employees allegations of sexual misconduct in the work place. Sports Illustrated broke the story and within hours it was announced that Richardson plans on selling the team.

Newton, the 2015 NFL MVP,  is not jumping to judge his team’s owner. The captains of the Panthers held their own meeting with the owner and left the meeting feeling upset that he was going to sell the team.

ESPN quotes Newton in their piece on Richardson’s decision.

“Nothing is actually proven. It’s just another person’s word against another person’s word. Needless to say, I still think extremely highly of Mr. Richardson. I don’t even know any of the sources. I’m reaching to find it. I take sexual assault extremely serious, and I didn’t want to offend anybody by that. Just having a lot of allegations thrown at a person isn’t fair.”

With the rash of sexual harassment and assault over taking all realms from Hollywood to sports, Newton’s comments seem out of touch. The star quarterback already took some heat after laughing at a female reporters questions with a misogynistic comment. 

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