5 college teams that could beat the Cleveland Browns

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The Browns have yet to win a football game this season, and now we must ask ourselves. Can they even beat a college team?

Christmas Eve will mark a full calendar year since the Cleveland Browns last won a football game. Not even the return of the talented Josh Gordon could get them a win in the past couple weeks. With their defense, they are competing. They may not be good enough right now, but five of their losses are by one possession, including two overtime losses.

Nevertheless you still have to actually win a game to be respected. They brought in former Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey to help with their extensive personnel problems. This question has been brought up before, but now there’s some momentum behind it.

After with a 4-42 record in the past three seasons, what college teams could beat the Browns? Actually a few come to mind. Alabama won’t be included on this list, because every time this question is asked they’re the first and obvious team that comes to mind.

5.. Oklahoma Sooners

With the most high powered offense in college football it wouldn’t shock me if the Oklahoma Sooners were able to put points on the board against the Browns. The Sooners are 27th in the country in rushing and third in the country in passing. Not to mention they lead the country in total offense.

Now, the Browns are a fairly good team defending the run. They’re seventh in the NFL in rush defense. The problem is they give up way too many yards in the air. They’re 21st in pass defense, and 30th in points allowed per game.

Mix the worst scoring defense with possibly the best offense in college football, and you have a recipe for a lot of points. Don’t think this would be a one-sided affair either. The Browns only average 14 points per game but Oklahoma’s defense isn’t the greatest. Oklahoma has survived on being just good enough all season.

Quarterback DeShone Kizer was no stranger to playing big name teams during his time at Notre Dame so Oklahoma won’t phase him. In the end Oklahoma just has way too much offense for the Browns to handle, and Kizer’s habit of turning the ball over at the wrong time will ultimately be the game changer.

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