Watch Bruce Arians tell his players he’s retiring

Arizona Cardinals

Bruce Arians told his team on Sunday that he is leaving the Cardinals.

Bruce Arians went into the Arizona Cardinals locker room to do a postgame speech that he initially didn’t want to do.

He probably told himself that he wouldn’t get to the point of tears, but when you telling the men who went to battle with you every Sunday for the past five seasons that you’re getting ready to ride off into the sunset, tears are unavoidable.

In the video posted on the Cardinals Twitter page, Arians initially were going to wait until New Year’s Day to tell his players that was going to retire, but he didn’t want to keep his players waiting, and, instead, told the team during a speech that will make you tear up.

How can you not get emotional after seeing this video? We’re pretty sure that their wasn’t a dry eye in that locker room after the Cardinals ruined the Seattle Seahawks playoff chances in one of the best games of the day.

Admit it, you probably cried, and most are not even Cardinal fans.

Cardinals Twitter (the first time we’ve ever used this name, we think?) shared their appreciation to a coach revitalized football in Phoenix.

Yes, he got respect even from non-Cardinal fans. That’s how much respect Arians had not only in Arizona but in the NFL as a whole. He revitalized a franchise that seemed stuck in the mud, and thanks to him, the future looks bright for the former also-rans.

Arians may be gone, but this emotional speech will forever be in the memory of NFL faithful. Arians will certainly be missed in Arizona, and the Cardinals won’t be the same without him. Stay tuned to see who the Cardinals hire to replace the man who made the Kangol hat look good for the first time since Michael Jordan years ago.

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