Browns shouldn’t overlook Josh Rosen now that he’s declared for NFL Draft

NFL Draft

Josh Rosen just declared for the NFL Draft, and the Browns shouldn’t overlook him.

It is widely expected that the Cleveland Browns will take a quarterback with the first pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, and they shouldn’t overlook Josh Rosen.

Rosen, who became a legend with the UCLA Bruins, declared for the NFL Draft on Wednesday, writing a lengthy thank you note to the Bruins on his Twitter page that thanked the coaches and his teammates for three great years at UCLA.

He also made a promise to his mom that he would come back to get his degree.

While he was busy thanking UCLA for helping him grow at a top-flight QB, in Cleveland, the Browns are suddenly finding themsleves in a dilemma. With Rosen now heading for the NFL, the Browns will have a tough choice to make: Go with Baker Mayfield and hope that he doesn’t turn into “Johnny Football 2.0,” or go with the sure-armed Rosen, who many believe will become an instant star in the league.

(Sam Darnold of USC is another option as he also declared for the draft today.)

The real question many of us should be asking is why would the Browns be trusted to make good on this huge decision?

Over the past decade, Cleveland has been branded as the place where “QBs go to die,” and for good reason. Can you answer how many QBs the Browns have drafted, signed, and traded for, only to watch them completly implode on the field?

Too many to count on both hands, we can tell you.

Mayfield certainly has the confidence and star power to transform a Browns franchise that seemingly can’t get off the mat, but another question must be asked if Rosen is the better deal.

The Browns need a QB that can not only stay healthy but can finally ignite their offense, and I believe that Rosen has the better tools to do that.

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