Is Bill Belichick really considering coaching the New York Giants?

New England Patriots

Surely, things in New England haven’t gotten that strained between owner, superstar and hoodie-wearing mastermind …

After the publication of ESPN’s article regarding a potential rift between coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady and owner Robert Kraft, there have been multiple reports suggesting that Belichick would be interested in coaching only one team: the New York Giants.

You heard it right, Giants fans. Feel free to imagine it, but try not to get too excited. The great Bill Belichick is not likely to leave the New England Patriots for a shot at coaching Big Blue. At least not yet, anyway.

Sean Wickersham’s ESPN article suggested that Brady, Kraft and Belichick are in the midst of a feud that carries the potential to end the greatest dynasty the NFL has ever seen. The rumors have undoubtedly sparked all sorts theories and rumors regarding the future of head coach Bill Belichick. Included in those are rumors that Bill Belichick has an interest in taking over as coach of the New York Giants.

In classic Patriots fashion, owner Robert Kraft and team leadership are strongly contesting the validity of the article. They even went as far as releasing a joint statement on Twitter this afternoon.

Even if there is an issue, the Patriots organization is great at keeping everything in house. With the team on yet another Wild Card weekend bye, their first playoff game is at least nine days away. That leaves a lot of time for rumors to continue swirling.

However, it also allows time for the greatest coach, quarterback combo in NFL history to prepare for a run at another Super Bowl. If Brady, Belichick and Kraft can find a way to grab their sixth Lombardi trophy together, it could go a long way in helping to patch things up between them.

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