LeBron tries to defend the lousy Browns

Cleveland Browns

Browns fans held a “0-16” parade for their football team, and King James responded.

Many in the football world already knew the Cleveland Browns were bad, but their 0-16 season was rock bottom for a franchise that didn’t have far to fall from their lousy perch.

As a response to their nadir of a season, and growing frustrations over the Browns front office to put a decent product on the field, the long-tortured fans of the Browns held a parade to “celebrate” the team’s 0-16 season.

It was a hilarious spectacle, but the parade caught the attention of the King of Cleveland, Lebron James, who responded with this quote:

Uh, where was LeBron going for here?

Was he trying to defend the Browns, even though they’re the doormats of the NFL right now and all signs point to that not changing anytime soon? Or, is he defending the fans who have a right to be upset at the amazing inferiority of the Browns?

And what is up with “It could be worse?”

How worse can it get? The Browns didn’t win a single game in the 2017 season, so I don’t know how much worse it can get. Oh, I know! they could draft Baker Mayfield or any other QB in this year’s NFL Draft and either:

1) Pull a “Johnny Football” and play so bad that they would be forced out of Cleveland.


2) Pull a Steve Francis and pout their way through the post-draft interview, praying to the Football Gods that the Browns would trade them away.

That’s how it could be worse, I guess because where the Browns stand right now, it’s not pretty, and the football there is going to be ugly for the foreseeable future. LeBron should be commended for commenting on this funny parade, but his quote simply didn’t make sense. Think it over next time, King James.

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