Rob Gronkowski tells people not to eat Tide PODs, ’cause it’s come to that

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Sometimes the power of Gronk can be harnessed for good and not evil, and this is one of those times.

Rob Gronkowski has had a rough season image-wise, what with uncalled for cheap shots and the like. He’s probably feeling the tug of karma just a little bit, so using his influence to put a stop to the Tide POD Challenge is a good way to wipe out some red from the ledger, as Black Widow might say.

What’s that? Could it be that you haven’t hear of the Tide POD Challenge?

Suffice it to say it’s one of the dumber and more dangerous crazes of recent memory, as people (mostly teens) put Tide PODs in their mouths in search of viral fame and just hope they don’t break. Yes, the same Tide PODs that contain concentrated laundry detergent and are thus pretty poisonous.

Unable to stop teenagers from doing potential harm to themselves on its own, Tide did the only sensible thing and enlisted Gronk to help.

From Gronk’s lips to your ears, kids: “Use Tide PODs for washing, not eating.” It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

If you’re of a highly cynical bent, you’ll probably note that Gronkowski was undoubtedly paid a handsome sum to record a 20-second video telling the world what anyone with half a brain should already know. We acknowledge that but still commend him for doing some good with his fame.

It might not be enough to completely make us forget what he’s done this season and allow him to resume being happy go lucky all the time, but it’s a good start. Well played, Gronk.

(Also kids, seriously don’t eat Tide PODs. We’d like you to be around to click on more of our stuff.)

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