Jalen Ramsey is guaranteeing a Super Bowl LII victory already (Video)

Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Playoffs

Jalen Ramsey is so fired up about his Jacksonville Jaguars advancing to the AFC Championship on Sunday that he’s guaranteeing they’ll win the Super Bowl.

Looking ahead to the New England Patriots is probably what did in the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon. Pittsburgh wanted a rematch in the AFC Championship with New England, but the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Steelers on their own turf on Sunday, 45-42. Everybody in Duval County was fired up after the upset road victory, especially Jaguars All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey has become a superstar in this Jacksonville secondary. When his team came back to Duval County on Sunday night, he just spoke his mind and let it rip. Not only are the Jaguars going to beat the Patriots in Foxborough on Sunday, but they are going to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Why? Because Ramsey said so!

Strangely, don’t you kind of want to believe Ramsey? The guy is a sensational football player and the defense he plays on is an absolute juggernaut. New England might be in for a surprise next Sunday afternoon. Pittsburgh certainly didn’t see that sort of Jaguars’ effort coming.

Of course, guaranteeing wins is never the best of ideas in the NFL. Then again, Joe Namath did that poolside ahead of Super Bowl III when he quarterbacked the New York Jets to their only title over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. Ramsey does look pretty stylish in that coat of his.

The Jaguars will be playing in their first AFC Championship since 1999 and their third in franchise history. Opposite of them, New England will be playing in their unbelievable seventh straight AFC Championship game. Winning in Foxborough in January is about as tough as it gets. But there is just something special about Sacksonville. Maybe Ramsey makes the play that sends the Jaguars to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis?

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