Aaron Hernandez’s life and death might be turned into a movie

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The feature film rights to an Aaron Hernandez biopic have reportedly been sold to The Mark Gordon Company, with author James Patterson tapped to produce.

The whirlwind life of NFL player Aaron Hernandez may come to the big screens if potential producer James Patterson has anything to do with it.

According to Deadline, the feature film rights to the recently released book All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez, the Superstar Whose Life Ended on Murderer’s Row was just purchased by The Mark Gordon Company.

The book, which is authored by bestselling author James Patterson (as well as Alex Abramovich and Mike Harvkey) is based on their in-depth reporting of the life, crimes and ultimate suicide of Hernandez was released just this month.

Hernandez is a former Pro Bowl tight end for the New England Patriots who was charged with murder in 2015 he was also later indicted (but acquitted) of a second murder and died in 2017 after hanging himself in his prison cell.

Patterson will act as executive producer, with Mark Gordon Company’s Mark Gordon and Matt Jackson producing.

“The real, shocking events that led to Aaron Hernandez’s harrowing fall from NFL stardom gripped America’s attention and imprinted itself on today’s cultural zeitgeist,” said Gordon in announcing the deal. “James is unmatched in his storytelling and reporting talents, and he chronicles this story with incredible insight and nuance. There is no other person with whom to collaborate to bring this timely film to life.”

After his death, Hernandez was diagnosed with stage four CTE presumably from playing professional football. His diagnosis is the most extreme case of the disease that doctors have seen in someone his age.

This is not the first book adaptation for Patterson., Showtime recently acquired the rights to The President Is Missing, a novel by Patterson and former President Bill Clinton. It’s set to be made into a TV series.

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