New England Patriots QB on injury report after practice

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots quarterback apparently was injured at practice, and will appear on the injury report ahead of the AFC Championship game.

According to Nora Princotti of Boston Globe Sports, Tom Brady is unavailable to the media as he is meeting with medical personnel. According to the team, he will appear on the injury report this week. The injury is unknown, but occurred during practice and is serious enough to land him on the report.

This comes just days before the Patriots match up with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game. If the injury is serious enough to sideline Brady the Patriots could be in serious trouble. In the event Brady is unable to play, the Patriots will have to start Brian Hoyer. Speculation aside, the severity of the situation is currently unknown.

UPDATE: Brady was limited on Wednesday due to a right hand injury

Tom Brady has enjoyed a lengthy career without many injury problems. Excluding the 2008 season he missed with a torn ACL, Brady has only been questionable 10 times in his career. Undoubtedly, Brady is a strong player and knows how to avoid injury. This makes the potential of him being on the injury report that much more concerning.

Multiple quarterbacks have been injured this season, most notably, Aaron Rodgers and Carson Palmer. Unfortunately, practice injuries do happen. Take Deshaun Watson tearing his ACL in a non-contact play for example. Hopefully, it is nothing that serious.

Regardless, more details of the injury should surface soon. The team will have to answer at some point. If Brady’s injury is serious, one would think more news would have been relayed already. However, the Patriots are the Patriots and do a good job of keeping their business under wraps. Hopefully, the injury is nothing serious and the Patriots star will be able to play on Sunday.

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