Jaguars fans take to Twitter to call AFC Championship Game rigged

Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Playoffs

Jacksonville Jaguars fans are turning to Twitter to express their outrage over the “rigged” AFC Championship Game.

It always happened in the biggest of games. While the fans of the winner jump with tearful joy, the loser sours, and with that come one of the famous taglines in the history of sports.

“This game was rigged!”

That one sentence has never been used so much to describe one team as it does the New England Patriots. This is probably due more to there history of actually getting caught cheating, from “Deflate-gate” to “Spygate.”

Add the fans of the Jaguars to the list of those who cry “rigged” at the officials of the AFC Championship Game.

The Jaguars fans were riding high when they saw their team up 20-10 with under 10 minutes to go, but that excitement turned to disappointment when Tom Brady once again brought the Patriots back from the brink of defeat to send them back to the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville fans, meanwhile, have taken to Twitter to express their frustrations with the officials. Here is a sample of that outrage.

Maybe we should check the driver’s licenses of the refs. We bet most are from Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

We’ll leave this tweet right here.

I wonder why Tom Brady isn’t crying right now?

How about admitting that the Patriots are a modern-day NFL dynasty. Oh, God, I can’t believe I just wrote that.

This tweet speaks for itself.

Tom Brady will be at the SAG Awards in spirit tonight.

The NFL sure doesn’t, but the rest of us did, and you know that the NFL doesn’t do what the fans want them to do. They bow down to the Patriots, it’s in the football bible.

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