Vikings are pretty good at curling if Super Bowl doesn’t work out (Video)

Minnesota Vikings

If not the Super Bowl, perhaps send the Vikings to PyeongChang on the basis of their very strong curling end zone celebration.

Minnesota wasted no time scoring a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game Sunday evening. They subsequently wasted no time enacting another end zone celebration for the celebration Hall of Fame, this one was an homage to curling, apparently in recognition of the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Curling is one of America’s most beloved sports, sometimes — specifically when it happens during the Winter Olympics. We here at FanSided are extremely into it. Additionally, Minnesota (the state) is something of a powerhouse when it comes to developing America’s most elite curlers, so, that’s something to consider too.

For those who are unfamiliar with the joys of curling, this clip of an Olympic sport as performed by football players will sort of give you a decent idea. If nothing else, the spirit of sliding and sweeping is well conveyed. Football is, lest you forget, not an Olympic sport.

As you can see in the clip, tight end Kyle Rudolph rolls the football — delivers the stone, in curling parlance — while Latavius Murray and Stefon Diggs sweep vigorously. Wide receiver Adam Thielen acts as something like an (out-of-place) skip, directing his teammates.

Unfortunately for Rudolph, Thielen, Murray and Diggs, the U.S. Olympic Curling team has already been determined. Still, the celebration was well-received in the curling community, with everyone from US Olympic curling coach Phill Drobnick, to the official Team USA account, to Chester the Cheetah tweeting their excitement and support. (Cheetos and USA Curling have a partnership.) No word yet on Noted Curling Fan and NFL player Vernon Davis’ thoughts on the celebration.

Back in Philadelphia, the Eagles since scored a touchdown of their own and the NFC championship game continues. A victory for Minnesota would, of course, send the Vikings to the Super Bowl at home, where they would play in front of thousands of no-doubt curling fans.

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