Josh Allen wants to be the Cleveland Browns’ savior

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns need a franchise quarterback and Josh Allen is a quarterback who wants to play for the Browns. Could it work?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Cleveland Browns need a quarterback. Fresh off a winless season, one year removed from going 1-15, the Browns need a quarterback but they also need a few dozen other impact performers to field a legit team that can content on any given Sunday.

The Browns hold the top pick and the fourth pick in April’s NFL Draft and a bounty of second and third round picks after some shrewd trades. One of those high picks is surely going to be spent on a quarterback prospect.

While some of the top prospects like Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold have expressed their desire to play for the best team, and not necessarily the team holding the top pick, one prospect is looking at the Browns as a chance to resurrect a franchise and be an immortal legend.

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen is the top pick in Mel Kiper’s recent mock draft on ESPN but after a disappointing junior season, he has a lot of skeptics wondering if he is the real deal or the latest overrated quarterback prospect.

Allen is prepping for the Senior Bowl this weekend and spoke with Cleveland radio show Bull and Fox on 92.3 The Fan and relishes the opportunity to play for the Browns.

“If I’m fortunate enough to become a Cleveland Brown, you can expect everything from me,” Allen told Bull and Fox on 92.3 The Fan, via“I want to be the guy that turns around the Cleveland Browns. The guy that does that is going to be immortalized in Cleveland forever.”

That’s definitely looking at the bright side and that’s also the right way to approach the situation. He won’t come off as a diva by saying he doesn’t want to play for Cleveland and he’s not saying he should be the top pick because he’s the top player in the draft. He’s simply saying he’d give it his all and he’s love to be the guy to turn the moribund franchise around.

This is similar to what other prospects or free agents have said in other sports when connected to franchises that haven’t been perennial championship contenders. It’s what competitors say. Now whether Browns fans would welcome him over Rosen, Darnold and some of the other quarterbacks in this class, that remains to be seen.

But should Allen go to the Browns and have any type of success, he could be their best quarterback since Bernie Kosar, although the bar hasn’t exactly been set that high over the last few decades.

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