Buffalo Bills center reportedly has a ‘career-threatening’ neck injury

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The Buffalo Bills will now be looking to replace their starting center Eric Wood who has reportedly suffered a career-ending neck injury.

The Buffalo Bills are one of the best running football teams in the NFL thanks to their offensive line. They field one of the best in the game, and big part of that is thanks to their center Eric Wood.

Wood has been one of the more underrated centers in football, and he’s been playing since 2009. He missed most of last season after sustaining a broken leg against the Seattle Seahawks. Before he was drafted in 2009 he was considered to be the best center available coming out of Louisville. That notion led him to be the 28th pick of the draft that year. Sadly, Wood’s career has been cut short due to a neck injury.

You always hate to see injuries in any sport, but it’s never good when you see someone suffer a career-ending injury. Wood was a first-team freshman All-American back in 2005, and was a two-time first team All-Big East in 2007 and 2008.

Durablity wasn’t his strong suit in the beginning portions of his career, but after the 2011 season he played at least 14 games every year except the 2016 season when he suffered that broken leg nine games into the season.

The Bills are coming off their first playoff appearance in 14 years, and will now look to replace Wood on the offensive line. They will most likely do so through the draft seeing as the list of free agent centers isn’t the best to pick from. The Bills will most likely play one of their backups at the center position, and draft someone they can groom to eventually take over the starting role.

Hopefully Wood makes a full recovery from this regardless if he plays football again or not.

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