Super Bowl 52 Media Night highlights

Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII week kicked off on Monday night with the media interviewing both teams over the course of two hours. There were some intriguing moments.

Let’s be real with each other for a few sentences. There is nothing exciting about Media Night at Super Bowl week, unless you get the rare moment when an athlete gets either annoyed or decided to be really honest. To the surprise of nobody, the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots tried to be on their best behavior.

Still, there were some moments that made us laugh. We had Tom Brady wearing two gloves, hoping to continue hiding that hand injury that he sustained before the AFC Championship Game. He also wore a black winter-stocking hat that made him look like an extra in the Home Alone series.

Meanwhile, Eagles coach Doug Pederson looked like he was heading to a cookout afterwards, going with the shirt tucked into his jeans. Bill Belichick went another way by dressing sharp in a suit. Unfortunately, NFL Network had a Belichick Smile Counter, something that might have jumped the shark only hours into coverage.

Here are some photos and videos that give you a taste of the action in Minneapolis.

The Eagles and Patriots will be doing some more media obligations on Tuesday before mostly going dark, focusing on practice in preparations for the big game. Come Sunday, the teams will be kicking off at approximately 6:30 p.m. ET, finally crowning a champion after 19 games for each squad.

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