Tom Brady cuts off radio interview after host’s comments about daughter

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After a host’s off-color comments about his daughter, Tom Brady may be cutting off his relationship with WEEI radio in Boston.

Tom Brady has been making a weekly in-season appearance on WEEI radio in Boston for quite a while, and he’s typically pretty candid and generous with his time. His documentary “Tom vs. Time” has come out, and host Alex Reimer described Brady’s 5-year-old as an “annoying little piss ant” in a review of the initial installment late last week.

Brady went on “Kirk and Callahan” Monday morning, as he typically does, and he spoke specifically about what Reimer said. The hosts immediately called Reimer out, and Brady concluded by suggesting he’d have to evaluate whether he would continue appear on WEEI. The interview was of course cut short by Brady, and rightfully so.

Here’s the transcript of Brady’s comments.

Reimer has been suspended for a week by WEEI, effective last Friday. But he apparently has still traveled to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII coverage.

Athletes are subject to ongoing scrutiny, for what they do on or off the field, at a unique level. But their kids, particularly those the age of Brady’s daughter, are off-limits to criticize like that in any public capacity. Reimer went way over the line, and he could have been fired. A suspension for seven days doesn’t seem all that meaningful if he still gets to cover the Super Bowl.

Reimer’s status at WEEI surely has to be subject to how Brady proceeds from here. If Brady ends his long relationship with the station — and who could blame him if he did — then Reimer should be fired. He probably should be fired anyway, or at least given a low-end off-air role that may cause him to quit. Brady’s trust has been broken now, probably irreparably, and that will be bad for WEEI’s business.

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