Uber driver records passenger’s thoughts on Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl

A Philly Uber driver got his passengers’ thoughts on the Philadelphia Eagles as the city prepares for Super Bowl 52

Philadelphia is a sports town known for its passionate fans. Win or lose, Philly sports fans support their team. And they’re never afraid to tell you their thoughts on the local sports teams. The Philadelphia Eagles are the most popular team in town.

Even though the Philadelphia Phillies won a World Series a decade ago and the Philadelphia Flyers were the toast of the NHL in the 1970’s, the birds have always been the favorite. While most people usually associate their fans with booing Santa Claus, they’re easily among the most knowledgeable and passionate fans in all of sports.

A Uber driver in Philadelphia decided to ask his passengers their thoughts on the Eagles as the city prepares for either unspeakable joy or indescribable agony, misery, and woe. If the Eagles win, there will be a huge party in Philly. But if they don’t, well, let’s just say there won’t be one.

The Uber driver in question was smart enough to record the answers.

WARNING: Some of this is NSFW. 

Props to this driver for providing a peek into the minds of Eagles fans right now. It’s amazing how casual some people are talking to their Uber drivers. Sometimes, you feel like your rideshare driver is a long lost friend. This guy is no different.

Some highlights:

  • Don’t dress up Rocky. You will pay dearly and Philadelphia will never forget.
  • Eagles fans have very conflicting feelings for Chip Kelly.
  • Nick Foles will be a step below a deity in Philadelphia if the Eagles win.
  • Eagles fans really don’t care about your feelings, Vikings fans.
  • Even Philly residents are scared of Eagles fans.
  • Win or lose, nobody’s showing up to work on Monday after the Super Bowl. Just tap out, businesses.

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