10 likeliest players to win MVP

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Winning the Super Bowl is a major accomplishment and one of the ultimate cherries on top is winning the Super Bowl MVP award.

With Super Bowl 52 just a couple of days away, there has been an endless analysis of the game from every angle. One of the most interesting aspects of the pre-game analysis is trying to guess which player will likely win the MVP award. There’s obviously going to be a clear cut favorite at the number one spot, but the other nine players that could win it are quite a mix.

One of the most important factors in who will win the MVP is the outcome of the game itself. A player from the losing squad isn’t likely to walk away with that honor so the list is heavy with Patriots at the top. They’re a clear favorite and will likely come in around a five or six point favorite by the time the game kicks off. Offensive players also have the better chance to win the award, as defensive players would need to really shine to have a shot.

This game should be a fun matchup between two of the best teams in the NFL. A lot of fans probably wish quarterback Carson Wentz was healthy but Nick Foles has started to heat up. This Super Bowl could be a lot closer than some think.

10. Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia

The pathway for defensive tackle Fletcher Cox to win the MVP award will not be an easy one. The Eagles will not only have to pull off the upset but Cox will have to have a few splash plays along the way. He’s going to need to create some turnovers and possibly even find the end zone on a fumble return or a similar play. The stats for Cox from the regular season don’t look that incredible as he only had five and a half sacks and 15 tackles. However, stats don’t do really do justice for a player like Cox.

Cox is one of the best interior lineman in the NFL and is fully capable of wreaking a game plan for the opposing offense even if he’s not getting to the quarterback. He could be a huge issue for Tom Brady and the New England offense. It is always easier said than done but the best way to get Brady off his game is to put pressure on him. Cox is going to have to get close a bunch of times even if Brady is getting the pass off before a sack happens. It’s not the likeliest scenario, but Cox could be the MVP if he has one of his best games of the season.

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