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Jared Allen is back in Minneapolis, this time giving interviews of a different kind. The retired 12-year NFL veteran is dishing on how to get your bathroom super bowl ready, life after football and why he’ll always love Kansas City.

Jared Allen is no stranger to Minneapolis and the former Minnesota Vikings standout returned to his old stomping grounds for Super Bowl LII by teaming up with P&G and Amazon Prime to get your bathroom Super Bowl ready with the “Bathroom Blitz”. Allen who retired from the NFL following the 2016 season after a 12-year career as a defensive end, is excited to be back in the city he called home for six years.

Now that Allen is removed from the game, his Sundays no longer revolve around football and he claims to have only watched three games this season, two of which were the playoffs. Allen has kept up-to-date with the Vikings quarterback rotation and thinks they’ll make the right decision.

“They’ll do what’s right, not only for the people involved, I think they’re going to do what’s right for the long-term of the organization as well,” Allen said. “They got to figure out the overall direction obviously, but what a great year Case Keenum had, Sam [Bradford] obviously got hurt, Teddy [Bridgewater] is coming back. They got three quarterbacks playing at a high level, two that got hurt and another one from a contract stand point you don’t know what’s going to happen… As long they don’t lose all three of them, they’ll be alright.”

Keenum had the Vikings on the cusp of playing in the Super Bowl in front of their hometown fans when they met the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game.

But outside of football, Allen keeps busy with his family and through his foundation that helps in raising money for building and remodeling homes for wounded veterans all across the country. This week, Allen is back around the NFL to get fans ready for Super Bowl LII and the place people use the most… the bathroom.

Allen noted most party hosts spend their time concerned with food and the game on Super Bowl Sunday, neglecting one of the most important parts of the party, the bathroom which everyone is sure to use.

Allen is making sure you’re prepared along with P&G and Amazon with the bathroom blitz that consists of: Febreeze, Charmin toilet paper and Mr. Clean products, making clean-up easy after your guests leave.

“Now you don’t even need to be embarrassed about going and buying toilet paper, air freshener, all this stuff at the store. Amazon will deliver P&G products right to your house,” Allen said.

And so to make sure your bathroom is fully equipped with the “Bathroom Blitz,” Allen is even throwing in a few promo codes for these products on Amazon to use through February 7th.

Mr. Clean products: 15PGMrClean
Febreze products: 15PGBigGame

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