Tired of Justin Timberlake? Watch Prince’s 2007 Super Bowl halftime show instead

Super Bowl

You could watch Justin Timberlake pay homage to Prince in the Super Bowl halftime show, or you could just watch Prince.

Justin Timberlake’s halftime show is not exactly highly anticipated. Sure, we’re all curious, the way you might be passingly curious about any potential trainwreck, but really the best case scenario here is incredibly boring: He performs a medley of his old hits (70/30 solo career/*NSYNC), forces a Man in the Woods atrocity on the American viewing public and we all return to the game.

Unfortunately, it seems highly likely that Timberlake will attempt to pay homage to Prince, patron saint of (Super-Bowl-hosting-) Minnesota and a man who reportedly did not like Timberlake or holograms very much.

While plans that Timberlake would use a hologram have since been abandoned (though JT still promises “things with this halftime show that they’ve never quite done before”), there is still a 98 percent chance he does something and a 2 percent chance its well-received.

In any case, Justin Timberlake will put on a halftime show as planned, but that doesn’t mean you have to watch it. No, you could take all this talk of Prince and do the most logical thing imaginable: Just watch Prince’s halftime show again.

Timberlake’s show will probably be fine. It may even be good! Perhaps we’ll even get a new Left Shark. He’s a veteran performer and this isn’t the Super Bowl’s first go-around at putting on a major show. We know for sure that Janet Jackson won’t be there, but *NYSNC could still reunite, or maybe Timberlake will try to start a fire by hand or some other woodsman-y thing on stage.

But it’s not going to be Prince. And it’s not going to be Prince playing in a downpour. (In part because there is, blessedly for the Eagles and Patriots players playing in single-digit weather, a roof.) Prince in a headscarf. Prince solo-ing. Prince covering “Proud Mary.” Prince being Prince.

At best, it will still be Justin Timberlake being Justin Timberlake. And even peak JT is no Prince.

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