Eagles fan flips car in celebration of Super Bowl win (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl

Eagles fans are celebrating in the streets of Philadelphia. But one particular fan got so hopped up on excitement and adrenaline that he flipped over a car.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans. The past few years have seen major sports teams in big markets snap long championship droughts. After the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Cavaliers did it in their respective sports, it was bound to happen to the Eagles. So to see them take home the Lombardi trophy was a nice continuation of that trend.

As expected, emotions were running high in Philadelphia. A large gathering of people took to the streets to celebrate, while a police presence was on hand, all of which is standard operating procedure. While there were some curses thrown towards Tom Brady, some pole climbing and even an appearance from Joel Embiid, there was nothing you wouldn’t expect to see in a post-championship celebration.

And then you get this guy, who got so caught up in the moment that he flipped over a car. Guess he didn’t know his own strength:

That looked more like a scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia rather than real life. The best way to explain how something like this could happen is adrenaline. The Eagles’ Super Bowl win, in all likelihood, was the most exciting thing to happen in this young man’s life — a feeling that has been building inside of him for a lifetime. When it finally happened, he just let it all out and took it out on that poor car. One would hope that that’s his own car and that he has the proper auto insurance if it is.

This is as good a time as any to say that if you’re in the Philadelphia area, be sure to stay safe. Celebrating is fine, but don’t let it get too far.

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