Stephen Curry gets booed at the Super Bowl


NBA Superstar point guard Stephen Curry is one of the most well-liked players in the league. But he received a less than warm welcome at the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year. Sunday’s matchup will go down as one of the most memorable in recent history when the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl era championship by upsetting the Evil Empire, aka the New England Patriots.

It’s an event that brings out some of the most known and famous figures in America. There was Bradley Cooper in the owner’s box, lavishly dressed Floyd Mayweather, and even a severely intoxicated Kevin Hart. So it came as no surprise that NBA superstar Stephen Curry was at the game. What was a surprise was the reception he received.

Stephen Curry is regarded as a ‘nice’ athlete. He has what appears to be a very wholesome family and he rarely is in the news for off the court distractions. But everyone hates a winner and Curry is a two-time NBA champion whose third championship looks like his to lose. Which would explain why he was booed at the Super Bowl when his face came on the jumbotron. Video below:

‘Chef’ Curry is in the midst of another MVP caliber season sporting averages of 27.5 points, 5.1 rebounds, 6.4 assists on 49.3 percent shooting with over four 3-pointers a game. Curry has missed 15 games this season due to injury.

The Golden State Warriors are the ‘evil empire’ of the NBA. In a sport that usually takes two all start talented players to compete, the Warriors just sent four to this year’s all-star game. They also have solid veterans off the bench such as NBA finals MVP Andre Iguodala and David West.

Barring an injury, the Warriors look to cruise back to the NBA finals for the fourth-straight season. So even though Curry got boo’d at the Super Bowl, I think he’ll sleep just fine.

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