Watch Nick Foles call and run amazing Super Bowl play

New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles

“Philly Special” was a decisive play in Super Bowl LII, and now there’s video of Nick Foles calling and executing it.

Two of the more memorable plays from Super Bowl LII were trick plays with the quarterback as a pass receiver. The New England Patriots missed theirs, as Danny Amendola could not connect with Tom Brady, while the Philadelphia Eagles hit theirs on a pass from Trey Burton to Nick Foles.

“Philly Special”, as we learned it is call in the Eagles’ playbook, seemed to come directly from head coach Doug Pederson as part of his generally aggressive strategy. The play of course worked, giving Philadelphia a 22-12 halftime lead. But Super Bowl MVP Foles will now get some credit for the decision to call a trick play in a critical situation.

Inside The NFL has released a clip of the exchange between Foles and Pederson during a timeout.

Foles comes to the sideline after the decision to go for it on fourth and goal, and asks about running “Philly Philly?” Pederson followed by saying, “Yeah, let’s do it.” It was a perfect collaboration of some intuition by Foles, player empowerment with an affirmation by Pederson and execution on all ends by the players on the field. Running back Corey Clement and tight end Burton can’t be forgotten for their key parts in the play.

The Patriots would take a 33-32 lead in the fourth quarter, but they never scored again as the Eagles won Super Bowl LII 41-33. In a one possession game that went right down to the end, a gutsy call from Foles and Pederson late in the first half provided the most of what would be the final margin. It also gave the Eagles a great amount of momentum and confidence heading into halftime, which cannot be underestimated in the light of the upset they managed to pull off.

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