Warren Sapp gets served by a guy pretending to be a fan (Video)

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Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp gets served by a guy pretending to be a fan. Sapp didn’t even see the process server coming.

During his professional football career, few men were as good at getting after the quarterback like defensive tackle Warren Sapp. He was a superstar on the historically dominant Tampa 2 defense of Monte Kiffin’s with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Often times, quarterbacks like Brett Favre didn’t even see him coming. Just the other day, Sapp didn’t even see something coming. The guy got process served by a dude pretending to be a fan. To be fair, Sapp took the fake, semi-legitimate photo op well, but you’ve been served, Sapp!

In all seriousness, this lawsuit has to do with a Super Bowl XLIX party down in Greater Phoenix in 2015. Sapp apparently “drunkenly bowled over a woman” during a Super Bowl party, causing her to suffer some injuries. TMZ first reported that Sapp was being sued for this incident back in January 2017. Until this fake fan decided that he needed a Sapp photo, Sapp had been successful in evading the lawsuit for his battery case.

You have to appreciate how this process server went deep under cover. While he didn’t have a crazy get-up like Seth Rogen as the greatest process server of all time in Dale Denton, who is to say that his two best friends aren’t two guys named Saul and Red?

All those times that Sapp decided that his former NFC Central-rival Favre needed to eat turf, now it looks like the shoe is on the other foot. Getting blindsided this badly on camera is probably the coolest thing TMZ has done this week. They’ll be back at some point. Until then, you’ve been served!

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