Tom Brady slams a beer with Stephen Colbert

New England Patriots

Tom Brady is possibly the G.O.A.T. that the NFL has ever seen. He even chugs beer well too, and we’re definitely not shocked.

Tom Brady is the epitome of the “half-man, half-amazing” discussion that we have when talking about transcendant athletes in their respective sports. A five-time Super Bowl champion, four-time Super Bowl MVP and three-time league MVP, there is virtually nothing that Brady hasn’t yet accomplished in his illustrious career.

Until now, that is, until the day that TB12 out-chugged late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert in front of a live studio audience on The Late Show. Looking refreshed and dapper sporting his new haircut, Tom Brady would answer the call, again.

Brady, who is known for a strict diet/regiment combined with holistic methods set forth by his trainer and friend, Alex Guerrero, is not one to slip from his diet, a notable constant he has credited for his recent health and longevity in the NFL.

Heading into season No. 19, Brady will be 41 years old or young, depending on who you ask, and playing for an organization and in a league that takes itself too serious at times, it’s nice to see Brady let loose with Colbert here:

First question on everyone’s mind: Where was Gronk? With a beer chugging contest involving Gronk’s biggest fan on the football field, you gotta think that he would be close by, given that beer-chugging is square in Gronk’s wheelhouse. Did he coach Tom on the proper technique? Was there a scouting report involved, and does Gronk let Tom win in a “shotgun” race since that’s his quarterback?

Whether or not you can expect Brady and Gronk to square off in a chugging contest in the offseason is still left to be determined, but we can be sure that even though beer may not be TB12 approved, Brady still has a little youth left in that tank.

The Patriots hope their star quarterback can continue their winning ways for years and that he has more than just chugging contests to win in the future.

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