Colin Kaepernick training for NFL comeback and looks great too (Video)

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The former San Francisco 49er quarterback did not play in the NFL in 2017 but Colin Kaepernick hasn’t given up making a comeback.

Even though he has a lawsuit that is ongoing against the league, former player Colin Kaepernick is clearly still trying to get back into the NFL. Video surfaced in Thursday that Kaepernick is training for a possible comeback, if he can convince a team to sign him. Josh Hidalgo, who is head of Sport Performance at the Sports Center NYC William Paterson University, posted this on his Instagram feed.

Kaepernick is still training for a shot with an NFL team and looks to have the same velocity behind his passes he displayed during his time as the starting quarterback for the 49ers.

How anyone takes this video is likely to be shaded by how they feel on Kaepernick. People who believe he should still be in the NFL are going to take this and run with it. They’ll claim this is proof Kaepernick is plenty good enough to be in the league, even if it’s not as a starting quarterback.

People on the other side of the Kaepernick equation will be quick to point out any possible flaw as justification. They’ll say the throwing motion is still a little wonky and that throwing in shorts means nothing (which is extra funny after the NFL Combine just happened). The truth is probably somewhere in the middle as it almost always is.

Kaepernick is almost surely good enough from a pure talent perspective to have an NFL job. It doesn’t take a genius to look at some of the money that has been thrown around to quarterbacks in free agency this year to know he’s still valuable to a team.

At the same time, it’s naive to think any decision about Kaepernick is based solely on what he does on the field. Fair or not, teams know the amount of press and attention he brings with him. Plenty of teams just won’t budge when it comes to that unless it’s for a sure-fire superstar.

The bottom line is Kaepernick is very likely to find himself on the sidelines again in 2018 and his career in the NFL is likely over prematurely because of his social justice advocacy work.

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