Rob Gronkowski crashes bachelor party on St. Patrick’s Day

New England Patriots

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski dressed up as a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day and crashed a bachelor party, all in the same day.

The legend of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski grows every offseason. While most of the 2018 non-football calendar months have been focused on Gronkowski’s undetermined future and potential retirement, he seems to be spending his free time like any other offseason, not letting the gravity of the decision distract him from a good time.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so you knew we were going to get a Gronk in the wild sighting and it’s one for the ages. CBS Sports NFL Writer John Breech posted a picture of Gronk, saying he crashed his bachelor party.

There are just so many questions.

First, he is out enjoying the holiday, and it looks like he attempted to dress like a leprechaun. I mean, as much as someone the height of Michael Jordan can dress like a leprechaun, he has the beard and the hat, it has to be what he was going for right?

Second, the picture doesn’t really 100 percent confirm it’s Gronkowski. We’ve seen catches in the NFL overturned to incomplete passes with more certainty than this picture offers.

That’s when Breech, the intrepid NFL reporter he is, used his journalism training to get confirmation. He says Gronk didn’t offer any answers about his potential retirement but suggested he could play for the 69ers next season.

Call on the field confirmed, that’s Gronk alright.

Gronk has an affinity for the number 69, that’s about as conclusive as a piece of evidence as you’ll get.

One day Gronk is just gonna disappear, perhaps riding off into the sunset, and we’re all going to question whether he was ever real to begin with.

But it looks like that’s not happening soon and we might have the answer surrounding his retirement, he is telling fans he isn’t retiring.

“I’m drinking at my bachelor party, so roll with this as you will… but Gronk was in the booth next to me at a bar, told a Patriots fan he WASN’T retiring,” Breech wrote on Twitter. “My dad (all-time leading scorer for Bengals) talked to him. Told him I was media, said TBD on retirement.”

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