All of this Rob Gronkowski trade drama might be for nothing

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Rob Gronkowski’s rocky relationship with Bill Belichick may not stop him from trying to win more championships in New England.

It would appear that Rob Gronkowski’s rocky relationship with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has certainly caught all of us by surprise. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s going to erode the relationship to the point where the All-Pro tight end will be traded.

Amid rumors that suggest as much, an ESPN report indicates Gronk will come back to New England so long as Tom Brady is there.

New England is not the type of team where you’ll associate the word “dysfunction” with. Cheating? Yes; but dysfunction? No, not never. New England, like the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA, is often thought of as a model of consistency and harmony, but like the Spurs, their leaking friction is making everyone look at them in a different type of lens.

We can all see why Gronkowski would be a little disillusioned with Belichick right about now. Making matters a tiny bit worse was the fact that Belichick was growing frustrated with Gronkowski’s apparent disconnect with the rest of the team.

He questioned Gronk’s heart with the Patriots, which didn’t sit well with his star tight end. That probably led him to put “Be FREE, Be HAPPY” underneath a going-away Instagram post he did for Danny Amendola, who signed a deal with the Miami Dolphins:

What did he mean by that?

Like the center of a Tootsie Roll pop, the world may never know; but what we do know is that Gronk isn’t ready to stop winning championships with Tom Brady, and that is, more often than not, the only reason he’s planning on returning to New England for the 2018 season.

Now, we should add that this Gronk returning to the Patriots is still up-in-the-air as he’s still mulling retirement. But, if we had to be, will put our money on him being back in a Patriots uniform next season, despite the icy relationship he currently has with “The Hooded One.”



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