Which Fast Food joint most accurately represents your NFL team?


Is your favorite NFL team a greasy burger joint, a corporate chain, or something entirely it’s own?

Ah, fast food. It’s the food you eat when you’re too lazy to go home and cook a meal of your own. There are hundreds of different fast food joints across the world, serving all types of different food. You want a burger? Every fast food place serves a burger. Even if it’s not on the menu. Ask for a burger. I guarantee you, they will serve you a burger. You want a taco? Don’t order tacos through a drive through. Only order tacos from a truck. Chicken? First, you must answer if you want your chicken grilled or fried. Don’t be weird and order your chicken salad’d. Then, you must determine if you want your chicken sandwiched, stripped, or winged. How about a sloppy Joe? Too bad. No one dares to serve you a sloppy Joe while you’re driving. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Football fans love fast food restaurants. Not because football fans are overweight and messy, that’s a nasty cliché. Football fans love fast food restaurants because we don’t feel like grilling every Sunday for four months. Sometimes, you just want to order a pizza or pick up a bag of burgers. Grilling is time consuming and I swear if I miss another third down conversion because someone wanted their burger well done, I’m sending everyone home without their beer.

That’s really the only thing fast food places are missing. Beer. I see you though, Taco Bell.

Here are your made to order NFL teams.

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