Aaron Donald trains with real life knives for some reason (Video)

Los Angeles Rams

Professional athletes are always looking for that extra edge to take their game to the next level and for Aaron Donald, that means training against knives.

If you can dodge a knife, you can dodge an offensive lineman.

Maybe that was the speech Aaron Donald received from his trainers before hitting the field to work on his fundamentals and technique as he preps for the season.

Donald is the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year but he’s not content with that and athletes are always looking for ways to improve, even if it means using unconventional methods.

There may be nothing more unconventional than sparring with your trainer who is sporting big arm pads and a pair of knives that look like were removed from the cutlery block in your kitchen.

If you were watching this and said to yourself, “No way those are real knives and this has to be some sort of April Fools’ prank,” you’re not alone.

But those were totally real knives and this was a real training session for Donald who is sure to have quicker and stronger hands and reflexes after avoiding getting shanked while trying to get better.

This certainly falls in the unorthodox category, much like quarterbacks training with George Whitfield who have to throw above brooms and take their dropbacks in the ocean while waves are crashing down on them.

But hey, if it works, it works.

Don’t knock it til you try it, I suppose.

I just fear there will be some defensive linemen who aspire to be like Donald and borrow some of his training methods into their routine. The last thing we need is people getting stabbed because they’re trying to work on their rip and swim moves.

I’m sure there has to be a logical explanation why real knives have to be used as opposed, to, oh, I don’t know literally anything else, but if Donald comes out and repeats as Defensive Player of the Year, maybe more players will have to take the cutlery out to the training field.

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