Tennessee Titans uniforms actually turn out to be … not that bad

Tennessee Titans

In a prime example of why hysteria based on leaks is silly, the full reveal of the Tennessee Titans uniforms turned out to not be the fashion faux pas many were predicting.

A funny thing happened on Wednesday night: The reactions of the internet based on early leaked photos of the Tennessee Titans’ new uniforms turned out to be a bit overblown. Shocking, we know.

The Titans revealed their new duds to the world in an event that featured Florida Georgia Line and a massive crowd (possibly because of FGL, admittedly). And even though NFL Twitter seemed fixated on the weird two-tone swords on the shoulders of the new jerseys, the finished product isn’t too shabby.

Take a look at what the team and Uni Watch guru Paul Lukas tweeted out for evidence (h/t to our sister site, Titan Sized):

What’s pretty striking about the new uniforms is that they really aren’t all that different from what they’ve been wearing. The base colors are the same: navy, white and the alternate baby blue, which will double as the Color Rush uniform when paired with baby blue pants.

The helmet is a winner. It’s simple but sharp, and changing from the white helmet to navy will be a plus. It also looks good with any of the jersey options.

The two-tone sword blades on the jersey shoulders are still an eyesore, but they aren’t as noticeable when you see the jerseys actually on players, at least looking from the front or back. So that’s not as bad as if the bad part of your uniform design was on the chest or something.

Into the “undecided” category goes the unique font for the numbers. It’s something it seems teams are willing to do once they get Nike redesigns (see also: Tampa Bay Bucs), and it’s a way for them to stand out from the rest of the NFL. This tweet hit it right on the head when it said the ‘8’ showed off in the leaks on Marcus Mariota retail jerseys was strange, but the entire set of numerals isn’t all that crazy.

The Titans’ new unis will take some getting used to, but that’s true of any time an NFL team makes a big change. There’s a teachable moment here about not overreacting to something based on internet leaks, but that’s kind of what we do as a culture these days, so it’s probably going to happen next time a team changes clothes too.

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