This many people came out to see the Titans uniform reveal (Photo)

Tennessee Titans

The amount of people that came out just to see the Tennessee Titans unveil their new uniforms would have you thinking they just won a championship.

There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan. They have a franchise quarterback, won their first playoff game in 14 years and play in a division that’s wide open. They’ve also had a solid offseason in which they nabbed Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis.

Hope and optimism are foreign concepts in Titansland, which is why there was an unprecedented amount of hype when they unveiled their new uniforms to a crowd.

The uniforms leaked early, as they are wont to do in the internet age, but that didn’t stop a massive gathering of people from coming out to see the official unveiling. And by the looks of the crowd size, Nashville has already started planning potential Super Bowl parade routes:

Now it’s not like this many people came out to see a uniform and then just left. This was meant to be a momentous occasion, as Florida Georgia Line were playing for free in conjunction with the unveiling. It’s no secret that Nashville is a huge party town and that its people love country music. So any time they can get an excuse to see country music being performed free of charge, they’re going to flock to it.

The Titans uniforms caused a bit of an uproar on Twitter when they revealed the shoulder pads would have two shades of grey on them. But anyone who was disappointed by the outfits still got treated to free music, so it’s not like the night was a total loss. Plus the helmets look great, and at least they only used two shades of grey and not 50.

With the Nashville Predators playing so well this season, the city could be seeing a winner very soon. But given how well they’ve been able to host a uniform unveiling, planning a championship parade should be a cakewalk.

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