Titans uniforms have been leaked, and it’s not pretty

Tennessee Titans

Just when you thought NFL jerseys couldn’t get uglier, the Tennessee Titans have raised the bar.

Traditionally, NFL jerseys are among the best looking uniforms in the four major professional sports. Most of them are clean and professional. You have a few teams who do unique and fun things, but generally, they look pretty good too. The Tennessee Titans, however, have always been the oddball. Their uniforms aren’t horrible. But they were very unimpressive when compared to, say, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Perhaps a uniform change could help things. Nothing like a new jersey to redesign your look. As they say, look good, feel good.

There’s no way Tennessee could possibly make their uniforms any worse, so let’s have a look.

Oh dear, those are absolutely horrendous. It takes an impressive effort to turn a mediocre look into an awful one, so hats off to the people responsible. The Titans are still using a number font that resembles those “Turn Ahead The Clock” MLB jerseys.

But what stands out here are two things. First of all, the colors. How many different colors can you fit onto a football jersey? Did Tennessee go into this with the objective of making the Guinness Book of World Records? If they did, congratulations guys, you are now the proud record holders of “most colors fit onto a uniform (non-rainbow)”.

Secondly, what in the world are those shoulders? Not only did the Titans go with grey (which isn’t a horrible choice), they went with two different shades of it. The two shades they chose are likely the two ugliest.

Remember that time Tennessee made everyone think they were going to win the Super Bowl? But then missed scoring a touchdown by one yard on the last play? Yeah, everyone should have seen this coming from the franchise that is most famous for finishing a yard short.

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