NFL color rush uniforms are going away this season


To those who think the NFL Color Rush uniforms are an eyesore, the nightmare is finally over.

The NFL has struggled with Thursday Night Football viewership over the last couple of seasons. In an attempt to help boost ratings, the league has tried to implement some new ideas. This includes the color rush jerseys, as well as the new sky cam they tried this year. Apparently, these new ideas weren’t helping viewership, so they NFL is moving in a new direction.

According to Bill Wagner, President of Fox Sports, the alternate jerseys will no longer be utilized on Thursday nights. Fans, especially those who are dedicated to their team, will tune in regardless of the strategies utilized to increase viewership.

He also mentions that the schedule will be “stronger” but it is hard to promise better games given that the real issue remains the time between games. However, moving away from the color rush jerseys is a good idea.

Some of them looked good, others looked horrible. When the Jets played the Bills, the jerseys looked like Christmas colors, solid green and solid red. That wasn’t too hard on the eyes. But teams like the Jaguars who had solid mustard jerseys, that was a different story. And don’t get me started on the Dolphins solid orange uniforms, yuck.

The league doesn’t need gimmicks to increase their audience. People love football, and few things will change that. The jerseys did not help audience ratings, and honestly, they may have hurt more than they helped.

If the NFL still wants to try something new regarding jerseys, why not Throwback Thursdays? Teams could wear fan favorite jerseys from the franchise’s history. Who would say no? Imagine seeing the old Tampa Bay jerseys with the buccaneer on the helmet.

Anyway, the NFL is doing the right thing by doing away with the color rush jerseys. Hopefully they don’t replace it with something worse.

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