Ray Lewis should look inward instead of trashing Odell Beckham

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Former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis believes that Odell Beckham Jr. lost God throughout his NFL career, something the New York Giants receiver vehemently denies.

Ray Lewis was one of the greatest players in NFL history, but maybe he ought to sit this one out. On FOX Sports, Lewis spoke Monday about Odell Beckham Jr. and his apparent issues away from the field. Talking to radio host Colin Cowherd, Lewis said that he believes Beckham “removed God from his life,” a statement that is both deeply personal and likely presumptuous.

Beckham has responded by denying that claim, saying that he has been spiritual since birth. Whether or not Beckham believes in God is his own business, which makes Lewis’ comments all the more absurd.

First off, Beckham has never been arrested in his life. The man has certainly made some interesting choices away from the field and lost his cool on it, but Lewis is the last person who should be talking about these types of things.

After all, it was Lewis who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in a murder investigation. one would imagine that God wasn’t too pleased with those actions. Of course, Lewis was originally charged with two counts of murder in the case.

It’s incredible that Lewis would go public with such statements. While Beckham is a lightning rod for conversation, to go so personal on a subject that requires both knowledge and tact is appalling. Lewis might want to consider his own past, one far more checkered than Beckham’s, before going on national radio with such callous remarks.

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