Seahawks postponed visit with Colin Kaepernick over anthem kneeling

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The Seattle Seahawks had a visit with Colin Kaepernick scheduled, but then postponed it due to Kaepernick’s plan to continue kneeling during the anthem.

On Thursday afternoon, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Seattle Seahawks had a free-agent meeting set up with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. However, the team postponed the visit upon finding out that Kaepernick plans to continue kneeling during the national anthem.

This has to be the most tiresome and obnoxious story going in the National Football League. Despite mannequins with arms getting jobs across the NFL, Kaepernick has remained on the sidelines due almost certainly to his protest on the sideline prior to games.

Incredibly, there are still those who don’t believe that he’s being blackballed because of his protest, citing stats. Apparently, those people haven’t gotten a chance to see Mike Glennon, Tom Savage or a dozen other backups who don’t have half the credentials of Kaepernick.

All that said, Kaepernick is also responsible for some of the vitriol aimed his way. The 30-year-old wore pig socks in Aug. 2016, mocking police officers. He also defended Fidel Castro, a ridiculous statement for any rational human being.

Still, the NFL can’t take the moral high-ground here. This is the same league that has employs a bevy of players with horrible pasts, including Adam Jones, Leonard Little, Donte Stallworth and others. Hell, the San Francisco 49ers — Kaepernick’s former team — isn’t releasing Reuben Foster yet despite felony charges that include the linebacker rupturing his girlfriend’s eardrum.

It’s fine if the Seahawks aren’t interested in Kaepernick, but to postpone a visit because he kneels during the anthem is a hideous look for a franchise that needs a backup quarterback.

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