Jaguars releasing new uniforms, helmets next Thursday

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting set to release images of new uniforms for the 2018 NFL season.

On Monday, the Jaguars tweeted out a video and link with information about their new uniform release. Their website says they will unveil their new threads on Thursday, April 26, the first day of the 2018 NFL Draft. The uniform unveiling and draft watch party will take place at Daily’s Place amphitheater in downtown Jacksonville.

Here’s the video tweeted from the official team account:

The video shows what appears to be the regular Jaguars helmet of the past few years (minus the logo), and then, with rather ominous-sounding music playing in the background, black paint being dumped on to the back half of the helmet.

So the team seems to be alluding to an all-black helmet for next season. If that’s the case, this decision should be met with nothing but praise and thunderous applause. Since the franchise was established in 1995, they’ve had some of the sharpest color combinations in the league. Really, they’ve got a lot to work with with that awesome shade of teal.

But a few years ago, they messed it up royally by introducing a two-toned helmet. Half matte-black, and half sparkling gold. Barf. Fantastic uniforms from the shoulder down. But that helmet? Second-rate garbage of the highest order. It legitimately looks like they took a nice-looking black helmet and dunked the back half of it in honey mustard. Honey mustard goes well with a great many things, but football helmets aren’t one of them.

Good on the Jacksonville Jaguars for getting this right. There’s just too much potential with that color set to have had such an abomination for a helmet. Hopefully they didn’t go overboard with the new jerseys, though. I’d hate to see them roll out a better helmet only to butcher the jerseys in the process.

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