Josh Norman calls out Giants GM Dave Gettleman

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Josh Norman and Dave Gettleman are not friends.

It’s no secret that bad blood has existed between Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and Giants general manager stemming from their days with the Carolina Panthers. Norman’s recent comments on the The Dan Le Batard Show make it clear he still harbors ill will towards Gettleman.

Norman made it clear that Gettleman wanted things to be “all about him” when he was in charge with the Panthers. The talented but controversial defensive back described Gettleman in great contrast to current Panthers coach Ron Rivera. He credited Rivera for his running of the team while hammering Gettleman for trying to take credit for everything.

Ignoring the obvious fact that Norman accusing someone of having too large an ego is quite hypocritical, it’s clear that he’s dead right about Gettleman. His inability to get along with Panthers players during his time in Charlotte was a clear reason his tenure in charge of the team was suddenly cut short.

One has to wonder whether or not things will be different for Gettleman in New York. There’s a chance he’s learned from his previous mistakes, but the smart money would be on him falling into his old destructive habits once again. The pressure cooker of the New York media might make it even more difficult for Gettleman to maintain an even keel. Count on some tense press conferences between Gettleman and the media that regularly cover the Giants.

Norman’s latest comments also should add some more spice to the Giants-Redskins rivalry on the field. The two teams haven’t historically liked one another, and the Norman-Gettleman battle should only add to the explosiveness of the division rivalry.

Don’t be a bit surprised if Norman keeps chirping all season long, too. He’s well known for his propensity for verbal battles on the field, but he seems to be looking to expand his reputation to talking off the field as well. We probably haven’t heard the last of Norman’s thoughts about his former GM.

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