Rob Gronkowski’s horse won’t race at Kentucky Derby, illness

Kentucky Derby, New England Patriots

The Kentucky Derby just got a whole lot less fun. The reason for this is Rob Gronkowski’s horse Gronkowski won’t be running in the Derby due to an illness.

It’s a slightly sad day in the horse racing world for the most casual of fans. So apparently New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had a horse, also named Rob Gronkowski, that was going to race in the 2018 Kentucky Derby. Well, that no longer is the case.

From the Twitter account of Gronkowski himself, you know, the tight end and not the horse, the horse Gronkowski is not going to run in the Kentucky Derby due to an illness. Looks like we will have to collectively put our $69.00 on some other horse of our choosing because there will not be a Gronk horse to bet on this May. What a shame!

When news broke a few weeks ago that Gronk the Horse was going to possibly compete in the Kentucky Derby, NFL fans got really excited about it. No, it did not matter how fast this specimen could get around that Louisville track. We had a horse that we could believe in, and most importantly, spend our precious Monopoly money on.

Now, we have to watch the Kentucky Derby and cheer for A Horse With No Name that isn’t as good as Gronkowski, The Horse. Sure, Gronk the Horse could come back and win the Preakness and the Belmont. However, this horse of course cannot be a triple crown winner this spring. It would have been stranger than fiction had that have happened, but we all secretly would have been rooting for it to come to fruition.

No longer can Gronkowski use this horse of his as a smoke screen for not going to Patriots organized team activities. Gronkowski, the tight end, has been contemplating retirement since the end of last season. He has done enough to one day earn Canton enshrinement, but may need another few years to ensure a first-ballot selection.

Will Gronkowski, the tight end, return to the Patriots for 2018? Will Gronkowski, the horse, win the equivalent of comeback player of the year in 2019 horse racing? Only time will tell, but we can’t wait to see Gronk the Horse compete competitively in these horse racing competitions. Here’s to 2018 being kinder to both Gronkowskis the rest of the way than it has been up to this point. No Lombardi Trophy and no Kentucky Derby. Sad.

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