Baker Mayfield channels his inner-Brett Favre on NFL Draft eve (Photo)

NFL Draft

Baker Mayfield is throwing it back to Brett Favre on the eve of the NFL Draft.

It’s the night before the NFL Draft and things are starting to get weird. Baker Mayfield is trying to connect with his inner-Brett Favre in an effort to produce some good mojo on behalf of his Draft stock.

The former Oklahoma star could certainly choose worse role models. Mayfield has quite a bit in common with Favre. Both entered the NFL with serious questions about their maturity and physical size. If Mayfield can manage to have anything close to the career Favre managed then he’ll exceed the expectations of most scouts.

The real question, of course, is whether Mayfield is ready to fully commit to the Favre persona. To do that, he’s going to need a good pair of Wranglers. On the other hand, he could also choose to go with the jorts Favre is sporting in this photo.

In all seriousness, it’s good to see a player have this much confidence. If Mayfield doesn’t succeed in the NFL, it won’t have anything to do with a lack of self-belief. He legitimately believes he can become a Pro Bowl signal-caller. I might not have quite the same optimism, but it doesn’t change that confidence might be Mayfield’s best attribute as a player.

The only thing that could make this tweet better would be Mayfield going full Favre during tomorrow night’s event. Instead of wearing a custom suit he could opt for jorts, a white t-shirt and whatever you’d call that version of hat Favre is donning in that photo.

That could truly make Mayfield one of the most memorable players in the history of the NFL Draft. Managing to do that without taking a single snap as a professional would be a terrific accomplishment. It might not get him the Hall of Fame career Mayfield expects but it would allow him to burn a memory into the consciousness of football fans all across America.

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