Philly Goedert? Eagles fans want new TE to change his name from Dallas

NFL Draft, Philadelphia Eagles

In the latest episode of “Eagles Fans Might Be Insane,” they have started a GoFundMe page to change their draft pick’s name from Dallas Goedert to Philly.

The NFL Draft is a chance for plenty of teams to start fresh. Not the Philadelphia Eagles. Still high off their first ever Super Bowl win, the team and their fans have been treating the draft like a victory lap, going to immeasurable lengths to please the fans that have infiltrated enemy territory.

One of the highlights of the draft thus far was when the Eagles, who dealt themselves out of the first round, traded back into the second. It wasn’t enough for them to rub their Lombardi Trophy in the Cowboys’ face. They had to recruit David Akers to one-up Drew Pearson’s shenanigans from last year before announcing the team’s selection of Dallas Goedert.

While Akers’ troll was glorious, the actual selection of Dallas Goedert might have stung more for Cowboys fans. For one, they traded up to pick one spot ahead of the Cowboys. For another, they snagged a tight end after Jason Witten announced his retirement. Goedert grew up a Cowboys fan. And finally, they drafted a guy named Dallas IN DALLAS. The disrespect is real.

However, it’s his name that’s concerning for the Eagles. The fans don’t want any hint of Dallas anywhere near their team, which is why they’ve gone to extreme lengths to make Goedert change his first name to Philly:

Considering this is the same fanbase that climbs greased up poles, buys dog masks en masse and runs into subway poles, you can’t be surprised that they would do this. It’s yet another example of how Eagles fans are extremely passionate, and perhaps slightly insane.

Goedert is expected to take Trey Burton’s role now that he’s out of town. If he puts up a solid rookie season, and changes his name to Philly, he would go down as an Eagles legend. But by keeping his name Dallas, he already serves as a perpetual reminder of the Eagles’ greatest off-field victory over the Cowboys.

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