Time to cut bait with Robby Anderson

New York Jets

It’s finally time for the New York Jets to do the right thing and cut Robby Anderson.

Back in January, New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson got himself in hot water with the law in Florida, again. He was arrested on nine different charges. However, the felony charges were dismissed and only the traffic violations remained .

Well, he finds himself in hot water again down in Florida. According to Andy Slater, there’s an arrest warrant out for Anderson. He or his lawyer was supposed to show up in court for the hearing on the lesser charges, and neither showed.

The traffic incident wasn’t his first brush with the law down in South Florida. He had an incident last offseason too.

He’s a cheap — with a contract value of $633,334 — and ascending player. However, that doesn’t mean the Jets should keep him. His talent no longer trumps his behavior. There are no more excuses for Anderson, and the Jets cannot be a willing participant in this.

He was an undrafted free agent who, after his recent behavior, will not even garner trade talks. So, trading him is out of the question. They waited for the right offer to come along for Sheldon Richardson, and that trade helped them land Sam Darnold. Unfortunately for the Jets, that won’t happen in this case.

Anderson has not taken responsibility for his actions, and now he must pay for those actions. If he can show he cares, he’s still a viable player in this league, but right now, he doesn’t belong on the Jets.

The Jets have stockpiled receivers, and it was clear that they could be able to part ways with Anderson with their additions. However, those didn’t scare him straight. Clearly, there’s only one way to do that: take football away from him.

The Jets have enough talent to at receiver to let him go. It’s time to send him the message that his behavior won’t be tolerated. Maybe, then, he will finally learn his lesson and take responsibility for his actions.

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