Donald Trump talks Tom Brady to Bill Belichick

New England Patriots

Donald Trump reportedly spent time talking to Bill Belichick about Tom Brady. Here are some ideas of what the two could have been talking about?

Donald Trump and Tom Brady are friends. The two have played golf together and there was a lot of discussion about whether or not Brady would vote for Trump. However, yesterday, Trump went and talked to Brady’s coach, Bill Belichick, about the reigning MVP.

Here are some of the best ideas for what they may have talked about.

5. Trump wants Brady to retire

In this scenario, Trump is trying to get Belichick to help him get Brady to retire. From there, he would give Brady a position in the White House and take him golfing with him. This could be the only way that he gets to work with Brady.

With Brady saying that he will probably play two more years, and Trump having two more years left in his term they need to work together now.

4. Trump is giving advice on keeping Brady healthy

Trump needs a healthy Brady to golf with. Thus with the loss of Nate Solder, he wants Belichick to run more plays from the shotgun so they can continue to get the ball out quickly.

After bringing in Jordan Matthews and Sony Michel, the Patriots are better built to continue their quick, short passing game this year. Now, Trump just needs Belichick to run this style of offense.

3. Trump is jealous of Brady’s friend on the Patriots

They’re already friends, but maybe Trump is jealous of someone on the Patriots who Brady likes better. This is classic teenager phone gossip. He just wants to know who Brady likes better on the team so that he can scheme against them.

2. Trump owns Brady in a keeper league

Most football fans now play fantasy football to some extent. Trump may own Brady in a keeper league, and that has helped him do well for the past decade plus, but now he is trying to get inside information.

He needs to know what Belichick thinks about how Brady will play next year. Trump wants to know if he should trade Brady now getting a younger quarterback in return or another position player then maybe draft Baker Mayfield.

1. Trump told Belichick the Brady is washed up

Tom Brady is 40 years old, and despite just winning the MVP, father time is undefeated. Perhaps Trump wanted to tell Belichick that Brady is done and not worth spending time on now.

Maybe Trump has been watching a lot of football and has noticed something in Brady’s game. He is just doing a favor and relaying the information to Belichick.

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