Patriots trying to rework Rob Gronkowski deal

New England Patriots

The Patriots aren’t ready to hand Rob Gronkowski a brand new contract, but they are open to “tweaking” their start tight end’s deal.

It hasn’t been too long since New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and super agent Drew Rosenhaus met to discuss the contract status of tight end Rob Gronkowski. It seems that Rosenhaus was able to make some progress on behalf of his client.

According to the Boston Herald, the Patriots are trying to “tweak” Gronkowski’s deal to “assuage” his situation. Translated into English that likely means that New England is trying to bump on the star tight end’s incentives so he can make a little more cash in 2018.

This isn’t the first time the Patriots have thrown Gronkowski a bone in this fashion. In fact, they pulled off the same maneuver last May. The team added $5.5 million in potential incentives for Gronkowski last season which allowed him to make just over $10 million in total for the year.

No specifics are being reported in regards to the level of compensation being discussed this time around. Every dollar New England manages to include should help them get a happier tight end on their roster for the 2018 season.

Gronkowski continues to be one of the most difficult receivers to match up with in the entire league. Last year he caught 69 balls from Tom Brady and racked up 1,084 yards receiving in the regular season. His ability to stretch the field vertically from the tight end position is a huge part of Belichick’s offensive strategy.

The key, as always, for Gronkowski is staying healthy. That’s why the Patriots need to keep him happy headed into the preseason. If they can get him into workouts on time, they stand a better chance of getting him in good shape. Entering the 2018 in peak physical condition should greatly diminish his chances of sustaining a serious injury. That bodes well for the Patriots’ chances of returning to the Super Bowl.

Eventually, New England will be forced to give Rob Gronkowski an entirely new contract. For now, it seems like they can get away by offering him just a few more incentive this offseason. It’s a win-win for New England and their star tight end.

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