Blake Bortles is out here shutting down car thieves

Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles played like a superhero for the Jaguars, leading them to their first playoff win in a decade. He’s acting like one off the field now, too, reportedly stopping a car thief at a team party.

This was a magical season for Blake Bortles. He posted the highest completion percentage of his career and led the Jaguars to a winning record for the first time in his four seasons with the team. Their season ended at the hands of the New England Patriots, but not before Bortles led them to two playoff wins, the franchise’s first in 10 years.

As he preps for next season, Bortles hasn’t stopped with the heroics. TMZ is reporting that at a recent house party hosted by a Jaguars teammate, Bortles and two of his other teammates stopped and detained a would-be car thief until the police arrived.

“cops checked the surveillance video from the home and saw the man walk up from the street and get into Blake’s black Ford F-150 truck, which was unlocked with the keys inside.

Footage allegedly shows the suspect stealing Blake’s wallet — and then attempting to leave with the truck … but he was boxed in by other cars and couldn’t get out.”

After trying to make off with the car, the thief entered the party. Bortles and his teammates recognized him as a party crasher and stopped and held him until the police arrived. Being surrounded by your burly offensive lineman can certainly help inspire confidence but stopping and holding an intruder, even an incognito one, takes some courage.

The Jaguars added wide received DJ Clark in this year’s NFL Draft, in an effort to give Bortles even more tools to run with on offense. Stopping an offseason felony is also a nice bonding exercise for him and his offensive line. We’ll see if it pays off once the season starts.

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