Patriots don’t have a defensive coordinator, but they do have a martial arts expert

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots never do things like everyone else. That’s why they’ve hired a martial arts expert to help their defensive line.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots understand the need to rush the passer to succeed in the NFL. That’s why they are willing to investigate unconventional methods to improve the play of their edge rushers. New England now employs a martial arts expert to help whip their defense into a more dynamic unit.

Evidently, Belichick has known the expert in question since 1992. He first hired Joe Kim to work with Michael Dean Perry and Anthony Pleasant. Now he wants Kim to help the likes of Adrian Clayborn, and Trey Flowers find more success hunting down opposing quarterbacks.

In fairness to Belichick, Kim has a lot of experience working in the NFL. He’s worked for at least nine teams during his career. This isn’t exactly Kim’s first time working with professional football players.

One of Kim’s biggest directions from the Patriots coaching staff will be helping to develop at least one above average individual rusher. Last season, Flowers led the team with just 6.5 sacks. If the Patriots are going to reach another Super Bowl they will need to find a rusher capable of pushing double-digits.

It still qualifies as an unconventional move from Belichick and company. It’s particularly strange given the team’s recent decision to enter the 2018 NFL season without a defensive coordinator. Brian Flores will call defensive plays for the Patriots, but he won’t have the authority Matt Patricia wielded in New England last season.

Ultimately, the proof will be in the pudding for the Patriots when the season ends. If the team can develop a dominant group of edge rushers than you should expect the rest of the NFL to employ a cadre of martial arts experts next offseason. Perhaps nunchucks and ninja stars will become a normal site around training camps all over the NFL.

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